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What Makes Us Different

At LMI, we believe that having a shared purpose with the clients we serve is paramount to success.  

LMI Staff

We have operated as an independent, not-for-profit venture from the beginning. Structuring LMI in this way eliminates competing priorities, such as shareholder interests, and enables us to focus on the primary objective—the pursuit of high-quality solutions for government agencies.  

LMI was founded in 1961 under the Kennedy administration “to bring the best minds to bear on solving our government’s most complex logistics management problems.” Today, we remain committed to partnering with the government to evolve its future-oriented critical missions. 

LMI CEO Dave Zolet

LMI Leadership

The LMI leadership team sets the tone and vision of the organization while empowering employees to embrace opportunities, serve our clients with the best of their abilities, and build a career with purpose.

Our People

Our people are passionate about what they do and the variety of customers they work with. LMI professionals are authorities in the defense, national security, and health markets, with pedigrees steeped in distinguished government service. Our purpose-driven culture attracts the most skilled and experienced talent to provide innovative solutions to intricate problems. 

How We Serve Our Clients

LMI helps customers to align their resources with changing and competing priorities, arming them with practical tools to prepare for future challenges. As a comprehensive services provider focused on logistics, digital services, advanced analytics, and management advisory services, we vigorously pursue opportunities across federal government, the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, and the health and intelligence communities.

Insight icon   Insight

   Our innovative problem solving affords valuable insights into possible solutions.

objectivity icon   Objectivity

   Our independence ensures we operate in an unbiased manner.

business growth icon   Practical Results

   Our solutions are outcome driven and results oriented.

shared purpose icon   Shared Purpose

   Our shared spirit of public service and deep knowledge of government operations enhance our recommendations.

Value icon   Significant Value

   Our net revenue supports our mission—not shareholders—delivering more value for the dollar.

Corporate Vision and Values

Our future is built upon our foundation. LMI’s vision and values inspire us to be our best as we focus on solving the government’s most complex challenges.

LMI’s vision is simple: to power a digitally enabled, high-performing government.

Our values are infused in the work we do each day and distinguish LMI’s culture.

  • Leadership: We believe all employees are leaders. This means you take responsibility for your world around you, now and into our future.
  • Mission Focus: We know that everything we do ensures our clients achieve mission success.
  • Innovation: We apply emerging concepts to solve the most difficult problems.
Corporate Vision and Values

LMI as a Not-for-Profit

Our mission is all about service and purpose, and it’s inherent in everything we do. We’re driven to serve our clients and ensure the success of their missions. And we can do this without the distraction and competing priorities of shareholder demands.

Our primary goal every day is to deliver practical solutions to our clients’ most complex problems. Our independence offers a distinctive set of benefits:

  • Clarity in purpose.
  • Greater transparency.
  • Agility in solution delivery.
  • Precision in innovation and collaboration.
  • Mission-driven focus.
  • Passion for service.


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