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LMI Hosts Capstone Project Day for US Armed Services Academies

September 12, 2018

LMI Staff

LMI hosted a Capstone Project Day for all of the US armed services academies on Apr 27, 2018. LMI client's, the DoD Corrosion Policy and Oversight office (CPO), sponsored the project with support and guidance of the research program from LMI.

The event is organized as a competition, with the Corrosion Director-in-Chief (DINC) award being given to the winning institution to display for the following year. In the competition, each of the academies is judged for its capstone and individual research projects, as well as corrosion-related activities throughout the previous school year.

The US Naval Academy won the DINC award this year, as it was bolstered by additional points for winning at the NACE University Student Design and Applied Solutions Competition (USDASC) held in Phoenix earlier in April.

Capstone Award Presented

Additionally the Midshipmen had a number of summer research programs that provided points. Midn Connor Panick earned DINC bonus points for winning Best Student Poster award at the 2018 NACE Conference. Prof. Pat Moran, from the USNA Mechanical Engineering Department, is pictured receiving the award from CPO Director Mr. Daniel Dunmire.

The US Air Force Academy took second place in the DINC competition aided by an impressive feat of earning a patent in 2018 on corrosion related research from prior years’ capstone projects. The USAFA won the inaugural DINC award in 2017. 

The US Military Academy took third place in 2018, with several summer internships and a third place finish at the USDASC competition. The US Coast Guard Academy was fourth by a narrow margin, with standout individual student research projects, including work done by 1/c Alexia Troise who earned a 1st Place Student Poster Award at the Northeast Society of Toxicology Conference.

The 2019 projects have already begun, with several cadets and midshipmen participating in summer research and internships related to corrosion. LMI employees facilitate many of these activities, organizing and providing guidance for the cadets, while encouraging them to remember this information when they start their active duty.

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