International Capacity Development - Afghanistan

August 31, 2017

LMI Staff

Recent experience with counter-insurgency operations in Iraq and Afghanistan has underscored the complexity and urgency of building the institutional capabilities of partner states. In fact, building the security capacity of foreign nations is among one of the US Department of Defense’s (DoD) key mission areas.

The DoD’s Ministry of Defense Advisors (MoDA) program is designed to help other nations improve the proficiency of their own Ministry of Defense institutions. MoDA matches senior DoD civilians with foreign counterparts in similar defense specialties. While deployed, advisors exchange expertise and offer counsel to their counterparts.

When MoDA began its pilot program in Afghanistan in the summer of 2010, LMI began providing vital human resources support. To date, LMI’s HR expert has  reviewed  thousands of resumes and facilitated  more than 500 interviews as part of the rigorous selection process that will bring the appropriate people to the task.  In preparation for future cycles, LMI also developed a detailed timeline and plan of action that supports and sustains the MoDA program goal of maintaining approximately 90 advisors in Afghanistan in to 2014.

With MoDA already proving successful in Afghanistan, the DoD has been exploring similar support for other nations. Here again, LMI is playing a key role, contributing to the development of a Global MoDA Program. In 2013, the MoDA Program Office deployed advisors to two other nations and is exploring many more opportunities around the globe. LMI’s support in the MoDA Program Office is helping chart a course for meeting future MoDA requirements as the program grows in size and complexity. 

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