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November 20, 2017

LMI Staff

In honor of Military Family Appreciation Month, this is a guest blog written by Samantha Adam, a communications and marketing specialist at LMI.


Seven—the number of times I’ve had to move my whole life.
Six—the number of times I’ve had to memorize a new area code.
Five—the number of times I’ve had to switch to a completely different school against my will.
Four—the number of little sisters I’ve had to sit next to in the long car rides across the country.
Three—the number of different houses where I’ve lived in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Two—the number of days it takes to drive non-stop from Montgomery, Alabama, to Cheyenne, Wyoming.
One—the single reason I’ve had to say countless goodbyes and start completely over: the military.
Adam Family


Growing up in a military family, I always looked at my father’s job as an obstacle; an inconvenient role that caused me to lose countless friends and proclaim “the new girl” as my official title in countless schools. As an officer in the U.S. Air Force, my father was assigned to move all over the globe as his job required; a rough task to endure with a family of eight. When he eventually retired in 2010, he was asked to share a few of the most memorable moments in his career, including what had been the biggest contribution to his success as an Air Force colonel. Without hesitation, he simply said, “My family.”

My family underwent many challenges over the years with temporary duty assignments, constant moves, and stuffy promotion and retirement ceremonies. My mother kept track of six children while my dad spent months away on assignment and extensive hours at the Pentagon, making sure he was doing everything he could to protect our country’s well-being. We may have been disorderly and dysfunctional at times, but we were always there for each other and for my father. When we experienced discomfort in new places, we acclimated. When we experienced distress in meeting new people, we adapted. When we lacked the extra hands around the house due to assignments, we improvised.

When times were tough, “the Adam team got tougher.” It was simply our duty to our father’s duty. Our ever-evolving family dynamic taught me some of the best character-building lessons I could have possibly encountered, such as making sure that everyone was accounted for, always, and that dependability is the best strength you can possibly possess. Through each difficult time, my family members came together and learned how to pick up the pieces when someone else couldn’t. We learned how to make the best of a situation and do what we could, when we could, and became each other’s biggest fan. Having a military family was so much more than just a support system; it shaped us into the successful, independent adults we are today.    

Military families are such a vital part of the community. They function as the silent backbone to the incredible men and women who serve our country every day to keep other families safe. As we recognize November as Military Family Appreciation Month, please take the time to thank those at home who support the military men, women, and veterans whose daily job is to protect others. We appreciate the support you give each and every day.


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