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LMI Celebrates 55 Years of Service

October 7, 2016

LMI will commemorate its 55th anniversary with a series of philanthropic investments and an online gallery celebrating its history of serving the nation and its communities.

To celebrate its history of service, LMI announced two strategic investments to further its impact to its clients and communities. LMI is investing in five $10,000 scholarships for student veterans through a new partnership with Student Veterans of America, an organization that helps yesterday’s warriors and today’s scholars become tomorrow’s leaders.

LMI is also announcing its first-ever employee volunteer incentive program, giving each employee 5.5 hours of paid leave to conduct service in his or her community. In celebration of the impact LMI has made at its client sites and beyond over the past 55 years, employees will have a chance to go into their communities and make an impact during the workday.

In addition, LMI is chronicling the remarkable impact the company and its employees have had on our nation over the last 55 years by launching a campaign to tell 55 stories of service—not just from client sites and research projects but also from the overwhelming majority of employees who serve their communities and nation every day. Stories can be found on LMI’s website, Twitter feed, and YouTube channel and will be featured during various activities and open houses throughout the year.

“LMI was created to serve the nation’s military by former Secretary of Defense McNamara 55 years ago. Today, we are making positive contributions all across government and also in our communities,” said president and CEO Nelson Ford. “We remain dedicated to these ideals—improving the management of government and making a difference in our communities—and expect to celebrate our successes for many years to come.”

LMI was created 55 years ago as a federally funded research and development center (FFRDC) by President John F. Kennedy and Former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara. Now a full-service management consulting firm that maintains its heritage with its 501(c)(3) status, the firm plans to nearly double in size by its 60th anniversary.

“It’s a truly exciting time for LMI. We are growing our workforce, modernizing our infrastructure, and looking to expand into new markets. But we continue to invest in research, innovation, and our people, whose mission it is to serve. That’s been our winning strategy,” said Mike Daniels, chairman of the board of LMI.

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