Infrastructure, Energy, and Environment at LMI

LMI’s Infrastructure, Energy, and Environment (IE&E) capabilities have assisted our federal clients with tracking, reporting, and meeting their energy and greenhouse gas targets and objectives. We support procurement, delivery, and performance management at the program level by implementing energy efficiency and renewable methodologies (energy savings performance contracts, utility energy service contracts, power purchase agreements) and plans that align facility improvements to energy and greenhouse gas targets and goals.

Greenhouse Gas Reporting

LMI IE&E has assisted several clients in preparing their annual greenhouse gas reports to comply with the federal greenhouse gas emission reporting mandate. This support enables our clients to track their progress against emission reduction goals, recognize achievements, and identify areas for improvement. We also identify data discrepancies and recommend and implement solutions through analysis of year-over-year changes in energy and emission data.

Renewable Energy

To comply with federal targets and metrics, we assist agencies in accounting for and tracking their renewable energy production and consumption, and we help to identify opportunities for new projects. Our staff also determines the value proposition, selection criteria, implementation strategies, and risk associated with purchasing renewable energy credits. 

Offering Innovative Solutions

Through the development of effective analytical tools, our team has delivered additional value for tracking and utilizing energy and utility data for decision-making. The Facility Efficiency Analytics Tool (FEAT) uses years of raw facility operation data including energy consumption, utility metering, and sub-metering data to inform programmatic decision-making. We developed this Tableau-based tool through our expertise in energy performance analysis, business intelligence, and data analytics to present underutilized data in an easy-to-use and easy-to-update platform. FEAT enables viewers to observe and analyze the energy performance and building characteristics of facility portfolios in real time, leading to faster, more informed decision-making and program management. Our tool continues to evolve as our clients’ program priorities change.


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