Photo of Francis Reilly

Francis Reilly Jr.

Senior Consultant, Environmental Services

Frank Reilly has over 35 years of experience in natural resources, the National Environmental Policy Act, and especially water resources. He has authored Smart Yard Care and co-authored the LMI publications Climate Change: What You Can Do Now (2009) and A Federal Leader’s Guide to Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (2016). His focus on climate change has established LMI as a leader on how climate affects supply chains, natural resources, and federal installations. Frank has published the largest water footprint study ever performed for the U.S. Army, evaluated water vulnerabilities of the Army supply chain, and performed two studies dealing with the City of San Antonio’s efforts to protect the Edwards Aquifer. He has helped LMI to evaluate climate impacts for U.S. Customs and Border Protection installations, crop failure risk in South Sudan for USAID, and the market-based use of military buffer lands for attaining environmental compliance. 

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