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Sustaining the Future at AUSA Global Force

March 17, 2020 - March 19, 2020

Location: Salon 10, Upper North Hall | Von Braun Center, Huntsville, Alabama

From personnel to asset to cyber readiness, LMI has cutting-edge solutions to help the U.S. Army sustain future generations of Soldiers.

Join us for a demo to learn about our unique data-driven solutions at the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Global Force 2020 Symposium & Exhibition in Huntsville, Alabama, March 17–19, 2020.

Visit us at Salon #10 in the Upper North Hall


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Learn How LMI Supports Readiness for Multi-Domain Operations

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an innovative analytical tool that provides leaders with the data-driven evidence to diagnose organizational pain points and identify future challenges


our Maintenance and Availability Data Warehouse, a platform that empowers analysts and data scientists to leverage tools and methods to answer virtually any historical maintenance question for weapons systems concerning cost or availability.

Technical Data ManagementTM

a practice that enables defense organizations to gain the benefit of modern sustainment capabilities like additive manufacturing, virtual reality, and conditions-based maintenance at scale.

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Distinctly Different Doctrine: Why Multi-Domain Operations Isn't AirLand Battle 2.0

The Multi-Domain Operations concept differs from AirLand Battle and requires significant changes to how the Army equips, organizes, synchronizes and projects the force. Synchronization across multiple domains, juxtaposed with the likelihood of access denial and the requirement for sustainment over long distances, will task the Army to consider how to maneuver across expanded battlespaces in the competitive and armed conflict stages. For an agile and adaptive force to be successful under this doctrine, reliability and sustainment requirements should be baked into the requirements of our new generation of weapon systems.

Personnel Readiness with OrgIQ

LMI delivers the industry's most powerful analytic tool, OrgIQ, to solve the Army's personnel challenges. We combine data-driven insights, and tactile dashboards with an easy-to-understand framework allowing leaders to answer all personnel transformation questions and meet mission requirements.

Additive Manufacturing in the DoD

Imagine a future battlefield on which U.S. forces fully leverage additive manufacturing (AM) capabilities to support their materiel needs—producing critical, but otherwise unavailable, parts on demand and in the optimum location in the Department of Defense (DoD) supply chain. Now, there’s no longer a need to imagine.

Digital Engineering: Transforming the Lifecycle Through Tech Data

Digital Engineering: Transforming the Lifecycle Through Tech Data

The introduction of digital engineering will have a disruptive impact across the entire lifecycle. DoD defines digital engineering as “an integrated digital approach that uses authoritative sources of system data and models as a continuum across disciplines to support lifecycle activities from concept through disposal.”


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