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LMI Hosts Seventh Annual Charity Trivia Event

July 19, 2018

LMI Staff

LMI hosted its seventh annual LMIQ, a charity trivia event that brings employees together and raises money for charities. During the event, originally founded by LMI’s former president and CEO Nelson Ford in 2012, employee teams compete against one another to win money for a charity of their choice.

LMI Trivia event

For this year’s decades theme, teams represented a specific decade in history. Team names aligned to their selected decade; some teams exemplified their decade with coordinated costumes and festive attire. Extra points were given to those teams who went the extra mile with their creative name and clothing choice. Trivia questions ranged from pop culture and past presidents to song recognition and company history.

— -Kerry McCarthy, LMI’s LMIQ coordinator and 2018 emcee

Eighteen teams vied for the first place prize of a $5,000 donation to their charity, including two teams participating remotely from San Antonio and St. Louis. This year’s $5,000 donation went to the Children’s National Health System. Wolf Trap Animal Rescue received a donation of $3,000 for the second place prize. Every team that received a higher final score than the senior leadership team’s (ZoLet’s Dance), which included president and CEO Dave Zolet, was awarded $250 for their chosen charity.

“Holding true to a tradition of this nature speaks greatly of the culture we have here at LMI,” said Dave Zolet. “Being able to bring our employees together for a bigger cause emphasizes our commitment to corporate citizenship and our values as an organization.”

To date, the trivia event has donated over $66,000 to charities that are near and dear to LMI employees. Charities are local and national, large and small, and often contact LMI personally to thank the organization for its donation. This year, two teams played for charities that supported pancreatic cancer research in honor of an LMIQ veteran recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and unable to play. One of those teams placed third, winning a donation of $1,000 for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

The organizations who received a donation of $250 are listed below.

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