International Capacity Development – Iraq

August 31, 2017

LMI Staff

Recognizing that helping Iraq develop its own robust defense capacity is a key tool in mitigating security threats within and beyond that country’s border, the US government created an important program called “Advise the Advisors.” In Advise the Advisors, active duty and retired officers have been working with Iraqi defense officials to build a more robust governance structure for Iraq’s defense program.

For more than a year, a seven-person senior LMI team was there on the ground in Iraq, working with the Advise the Advisors program to enhance the logistics capabilities of the Iraqi Ministries of Defense and the Interior. LMI worked to identify existing capabilities and gaps in Iraq’s strategic acquisitions and logistics support systems, and to establish new acquisitions and logistics procedures. Our work covered all aspects of the military supply chain—from procurement to maintenance.

Among our contributions, we advised against a planned US government expenditure of tens of millions of dollars on sophisticated software that, based on our analysis of the existing IT infrastructure and governance structure, the Iraqi Ministry of Defense was not yet ready to support. We also mapped out existing business process and provided recommendations for how to lay the necessary groundwork that would prepare the Iraqi ministries for future implementation.

LMI provided its report and recommendations in both English and, for the Iraqi government, Arabic; to reflect the respect and collaboration that represents the spirit and intent of the Advise the Advisors program. Based on LMI’s analysis, the Advise the Advisors team members turned its attention to some of the more fundamental issues we uncovered.

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