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Finding New Challenges in a Familiar Place

September 5, 2018

LMI Staff

When Stephanie Brown identified LMI as a good place to kick-start her job search, she never imagined how large of a role it would play in her career advancement. A data scientist in the advanced analytics group, Stephanie is a valuable addition to the team. But this isn’t her first time working at LMI. She came to us as a co-op intern while completing her undergraduate degree in operations research from Cornell University. As an intern, she worked on maintenance and readiness as well as supply chain management projects, gaining hands-on experience in the processes behind conducting professional analysis. After graduating from college in 2012, Stephanie joined LMI full time and supported a number of clients, including Amtrak, the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), and the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Supply Chain Integration. 

Stephanie went on to obtain her master’s degree in operations research from George Mason University while continuing to work at LMI. Upon receiving her degree, she felt she had acquired as many new analytical techniques and tools as possible and desired new opportunities for growth. Although the decision to leave the amazing people at LMI was a hard one, she eventually took a new opportunity as an operations research analyst that enabled her to focus on the optimization problems she had studied for so many years in school. Her relationships with managers and colleagues at LMI remained intact as she promised to stay in touch.  

Stephanie spent the last three years working at Systems Planning and Analysis, Inc., conducting schedule optimization and force structure analysis for the Navy. She grew as a team leader and honed her operations research skills, enhancing the practice she had gained in her many roles at LMI and in college. Soon, Stephanie recognized that while she truly enjoyed operations research, she yearned to practice data science and focus on the intersection of the two fields. Luckily, Brant Horio, LMI’s director of data science, reached out to Stephanie via LinkedIn to let her know about the impressive changes occurring at LMI, including the new advanced analytics service line and data science group. Stephanie’s excitement only grew as she heard about the focus on growing analytics capabilities, the training investments LMI now offered, and new projects. As she already knew and enjoyed the people and environment at LMI, the decision to return was a no-brainer.

Since rejoining LMI, Stephanie has immersed herself in working on the Peak and NextGen inventory optimization models, as well as a task to apply machine learning methods to lead-time estimation for DLA. She’s also tackling a Navy resource for readiness assessment and plans to join the pilot data science training course from The Data Incubator. Stephanie, finally reaching her goal of contributing to a wide range of operations research and data science tasks, is excited to continue to grow and develop her analytical skills with LMI. 


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