Advanced Analytics

LMI brings an innovative approach to data analytics, pairing data scientists with domain experts to deliver meaningful and actionable insights. Our tools and skill sets include agent-based modeling, forecasting, machine-learning techniques, predictive algorithm development, and statistical analysis. We excel at identifying key metrics critical to an organization and visualizing the data via dashboards, giving you the information you need to make informed decisions.

Whether you’re getting started with advanced analytics or looking to deepen capabilities, we can support your mission with innovative products using a wide range of analytical methods and expertise in data visualization and dashboard development. We uniquely pair bleeding-edge technologies with practical applications in a way that’s useful, scalable, and efficient. And we implement quickly so you can adopt them today.

Explore the Art of the Possible with LMI's Executive Classroom

LMI’s whole-of-organization approach to advanced analytics starts with the decision-maker. Our executive-level training helps federal leaders understand what advanced analytics is, how it benefits organizations, and how it is best leveraged. We prepare them to address tough questions:

  • Is the leadership team ready to adopt advanced analytics?
  • How mature are my organization’s advanced analytics capabilities?
  • Where should I expend my resources to accelerate my organization’s capabilities, and what is the ROI?
  • What is my roadmap to achieving data-powered insights and the associated timeline?

Contact Kristen Cheman to learn more about our advanced analytics classroom for federal executives. 

How LMI’s Advanced Analytics Capabilities Bring Innovation and Competitive Advantage:

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